Ever heard of a StoryWalk? That’s when the children walk, move, hop or jump from sign to sign through the story, page by page. Dori Hoch enjoys taking children on a StoryWalk with her newest book, “The Bunny Brothers: Lost in the Woods”. Kids love movement and enjoy the involvement of pretending to fill their water bottles and backpacks, throwing “stones” in a creek, jumping on rocks and snacking with Bobby and Benjamin. What joy abounds when they finally get back home again! Below is a video of just such a walk. Contact Dori at to learn more about a story walk for your school, library, or organization.

A StoryWalk with the students of St. Paul’s Lutheran Preschool in Fleetwood, PA. The students had a blast hopping, jumping, throwing “pebbles”, and so much more while participating in “The Bunny Brothers: Lost in the Woods”.