Dori Hoch with Bunny Brothers and Pearlof Richmond School

Dori Hoch is a retired elementary teacher and reading specialist who has always enjoyed writing and teaching students to write well. She belongs to a local writers group, is a fellow of the National Writing Project, and has taught many years in the Young Writers/Young Readers Summer Enrichment Program at Kutztown Elementary School. Living in Berks County, Pennsylvania, she has  been fascinated with the local abandoned or renovated one-room schools that are scattered throughout the countryside and by stories she has heard at family picnics about the “good old fashioned school days”.

Her first book, Pearl of Richmond School, was written to inform and reminisce the life of one-room school students  in rural America in the early 1900’s. She also has had an article featured in the February, 2004 edition of Berks County Living Magazine about her visit to local Mennonite one-room school entitled, “Simply Schooled in One-Room Style”.

Her second book, The Easter Bunny Brothers, was written as an entertaining story for her grandchildren.  Jane Wolfgang’s colorful illustrations bring Bobby and Benjamin to life as they struggle with sibling rivalry, problem solving and team work.

A sequel, The Bunny Brothers’ First Thanksgiving, has just been released for the fall of 2015.  In this humorous tale, Bobby and Benjamin Bunny want to celebrate Thanksgiving just like the Pilgrims and Indians of long ago.   Taking their bows and arrows, the two bunny brothers set off to find a turkey.   Once again, Jane Wolfgang’s illustrations add detail and humor to the story as they struggle with problem solving, team work, and risk taking.

In January of  2016  Hoch with illustrator Ruth Williams from Fleetwood, PA released a second Pearl book entitled  Pearl and the Schoolyard Prank.  In this sequel, Pearl learns an important lesson about telling the truth  and helps her cousin learn it as well.   Some common games played in the one-room schools are included in the back of the book.

In the fall of  2016, her newest book, A Bunny Brothers’ Christmas will be released.  In this book, Bobby and Benjamin Bunny are at it again.  This time they both want a toy train just like their friend Tom Turkey’s.   Bobby gets up and sees Santa  delivering the trains, but problems abound.   Bobby and Benjamin learn a very important lesson about what Christmas is all about.

Dori Hoch is available for school, library, and historical society  visits.   Her Bunny Brother series are perfect for pre-school through second grade.  Her Pearl books  are appropriate  for middle elementary grades and  work well with historical societies and senior gatherings.    Contact Hoch at dhoch49@gmail.com for more information and to schedule a visit.