Visits Holy Guardian Angels, Yoccum Institute and Willow Creek ools

Friday, March 27, 2015

Yesterday, I read The Easter Bunny Brothers to the two first grade classes at Holy Guardian Angel School in Laureldale.   The first grade students were very attentive and laughed throughout the story especially when Bobby announces his new invention, The Egg Mobile.   Many thanks to teacher assistant, Mrs. Meares for arranging my visit and organizing the book sales.

This morning, I visited the preschool and kindergarten classes at the Yoccum Institute.   All of the teachers and students were very welcoming.   It was fun to see the children delight in the antics of brothers Bobby and Benjamin Bunny.   Many were able to predict that both Bobby and Benjamin would be the Easter Bunny.   Seeing their smiles at the end of the story when both brothers are sound asleep on the green chair in their burrow made my day!   To me, seeing the children enjoy and identify with the characters of the story is what writing is all about!    A big thank you goes out to  Elsa Mierzejewski, Preschool Director for arranging my visits and coordinating the book sales.

Later this afternoon, I again had the pleasure of reading to all four first grades at Willow Creek Elementary School in the Fleetwood Area School District.   Mrs. Nicole Lambert, head first grade teacher, made the arrangements.  What fun it was to hear the students share their favorite part.  Many liked  Bobby’s invention-The Egg Mobile, many liked Bobby’s crossed paws and ears for good luck, and others liked the Bunny Brothers sound asleep on the big green chair on Easter morning.  I reminded the students that all of them were authors and to need to use their imaginations to create their very own stories.