Reading at St. Paul’s UCC, Fleetwood

IMG_1044This morning I had the opportunity to read The Easter Bunny Brothers to the morning classes at St. Paul’s U.C.C. in Fleetwood. It was fun to share my story and see the reactions of the students. They were a terrific audience and knew that Bobby should not have tripped his brother. Several students were able to predict that Bobby would find a way for both bunnies to be the Easter Bunny. Bobby’s invention, the Egg Mobile, was a big hit, bringing smiles to many faces. I made the mistake of asking with one class if they had any questions. They had questions all right, none of which had anything to do with the story or my visit. I had to laugh. I had forgotten how preschoolers react to questions!

Thank you Mrs. Peg Brown and the teachers at St. Paul’s School for arranging my visit.   What a joy it was to see the students engaged and enjoying the antics of Bobby and Benjamin Bunny!  This is what makes writing and creating so special!